Our Sports Simulators are MORE than just Golf!

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If you have a love for sports, you already have something in common with the owners of Surge Entertainment by Drew Brees. These family entertainment centers were built with sports-lovers in mind. If you have ever visited one of these facilities, you can tell sports are an undeniable theme found throughout the park, specifically in the design elements, restaurant, bar, and other attractions. With this in mind, it only seems fitting to include a unique attraction that all sports-lovers can enjoy during their visits to Surge Entertainment, and their sports simulators do not disappoint! Whether you’re looking for an indoor driving range or to play a new course in virtual reality, Surge Entertainment can meet all of your golf needs rain or shine.
The fun doesn’t stop there, because these sports simulators are outfitted to meet the needs of several different sports activities, not just golf!

Surge Entertainment’s multi-sport simulators

Surge Entertainment’s multi-sport simulators feature 13 of the most popular sports and interactive games, including golf, football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and zombie dodgeball. 

Each of the upscale sports simulator bays are equipped with sophisticated cameras and tracking devices that provide instant and accurate feedback on your swings, throws, shots, passes, and more! 

You can go head-to-head against friends, family, teammates, and colleagues or practice your favorite sports solo at locations in Lafayette, West Monroe, and (coming soon) Bossier City, Louisiana! Their multi-sport simulators are available for rent by the hour, and you can reserve yours online, in-store, or by calling your favorite Surge Entertainment location directly.

 Want more information about pricing and availability? Visit the website at www.SurgeFun.com!

The sports simulators serve multiple purposes in Surge’s Entertainment Centers. You can host a private watch party for your favorite sporting game or event from the privacy and comfort of our sports simulator booths. Food and drinks can be ordered and enjoyed by you and your guests from the comfort of cozy couches, comfy chairs, and convenient coffee tables. 

Their servers will wait on you and your guests just like you were watching the game from the giant TV in the Surge Prime Bistreaux restaurant. No matter which game is on, Surge is sure to offer the best private viewing packages that include food, drinks, and more! The primary events most guests frequent this establishment for are their viewing parties during the Superbowl, New Orleans Saints games, and College Football Championships. 

Each year, Surge puts together unique drink specials, discounted food offerings, complementary game cards, and so much more to make watching a game there an experience you won’t forget. Surge Entertainment takes your tailgate seriously by creating and offering the game day specials you crave with a price you will love.

Sports simulators make the perfect addition to any family night, date night, birthday party, or special event you might be planning. Their sports simulators are available for rent by the hour and include golf clubs, bats, tees, footballs, baseballs, and more to play a myriad of sports drills, sports games, and other fun activities. Surge Entertainment give you control over what type of experience you want to have with sports simulators. 

There are complete birthday party packages structured around sports simulators, they can be included as a part of the entertainment for your next special event booked at Surge, or you can come practice your skills for a discounted rate during their Monday Mania Weekly Special! 

Every Monday, you can play the sports simulators for only $20 per hour, which is an amazing deal. Take advantage of this special and others like it weekly at all Surge Entertainment locations by visiting the website at www.SurgeFun.com for more information.

Surge Entertainment’s sports simulators are perfect for practicing

Practicing your skills is a huge part of being a successful athlete. Surge Entertainment’s sports simulators are perfect for practicing your swing, kicking the perfect goal, and more! Whether you just want to have fun with the virtual reality games, hone your skills, or entertain friends and family for hours, Surge Entertainment’s sports simulators are the perfect attraction to meet your needs. Check them out during your next visit, we promise you will be glad you did!

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