Have You Heard of Surge Prime Bistreaux?

Surge Prime Bistreaux an amazing choice for your next family dining experience

When you think about common and convenient food that is offered at family entertainment centers across the United States today, what are some food items that immediately come to mind? Like most convenience stores, the selection for these facilities are usually items like prepackaged nachos, boxed slices of pizza, and kept-warm hotdogs.

The creators of Surge Entertainment by Drew Brees wanted to improve the overall experience of their venues for families who want to have fun and eat great food, all under one roof. It was because of this desire from families like yours, across the country, that the Surge Prime Bistreaux was ultimately born! The Surge Prime Bistreaux is a hidden gem that some guests are not aware of, until they step foot inside any Surge Entertainment Center.

 By the end of this article, we are sure you will agree that the Surge Prime Bistreaux an amazing choice for your next family dining experience, lunch date, or sports bar experience, regardless of if entertainment is on the agenda or not, because the food here speaks for itself!

quality of food on its menu shows it


Creating Surge Prime Bistreaux was definitely a labor of love for the owners of Surge Entertainment, and the quality of food on its menu shows it. The menu was hand-crafted by award winning chef, Paul Dauterive, to include local flavors from the cities that Surge Entertainment calls home, in addition to popular and well-known Louisiana inspired cuisines.

 All of the spice blends, marinades, and secret seasonings used in every Surge Prime Bistreaux kitchen are mixed by hand, which guarantees you won’t find flavors quite like these anywhere else. Each item on the menu was carefully selected to ensure there would be something delicious for guests of all ages to enjoy, no matter what they might be craving!

One of the most popular items on the menu is the Brees Burger Experience, named after Surge Entertainment’s co-owner and former NFL Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees. The burger features two 4-ounce USDA brisket-chuck blended burger patties, butter-griddled brioche bun, roasted garlic aioli, sweet caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, white Vermont cheddar cheese, and apple wood smoked bacon to top it off. Our mouths are watering just thinking about taking a bite!

surge entertainment center kid friendly restaurant

If you’re not craving one of their delicious burgers, there are other items sure to please your taste buds. Surge Prime Bistreaux also has a wide variety of other entrees to choose from including wings, pizza, ribs, quesadillas, meat pies, gumbo, salads, sliders, seafood baskets, seared ahi tuna, and so much more. The delectable dessert options include items like ice cream sundaes, funnel cake fries, bread pudding, and other unique, seasonal offerings. They really mean it when they say there is something on the menu for everyone at Surge Prime Bistreaux!

perfect place for guests

Not only is the food incredible at Surge Prime Bistreaux, but the restaurant is also the perfect place for guests who are looking to grab a bite to eat with their family, catch their favorite sports teams on the GIANT HD screen mounted behind the bar for the whole restaurant to view, or to simply relax and have drinks with friends any night of the week.

 The full-service bar offers 8 different draft beers and plenty of specialty drinks to go with any meal you order. Each restaurant has a sophisticated and upscale aesthetic, and at the same time, several guests describe them as having the same comfortable and relaxed environment you might find at your local sports bar. 

The restaurant and its seating areas are separated from the entertainment attractions, while also being close enough for parents to enjoy a drink at the bar while still keeping an eye on their children as they play throughout the facility. 

The full Surge Prime Bistreaux menu and bar offerings are not only available in the restaurant, but they can also be enjoyed throughout the facility, including the traditional bowling lanes, VIP bowling lanes, and sports simulator booths.

surge entertainment center bowling

Bowling Lanes at Surge Entertainment Center

All of Surge Entertainment’s traditional bowling lanes, VIP bowling lanes, and sports simulator booths have tables and seating areas, perfect for relaxing and enjoying items from the menu! Food and drinks can be ordered directly from these attractions, and the servers will attend to your every need while you and your guests focus on enjoying yourselves and making memories.

 For a more exclusive and private bowling experience, check out Surge’s VIP Bowling area. VIP Bowling is a private room large enough for 6 or more private bowling lanes, tables and seating areas in addition to what you have access to with traditional bowling lanes, several giant TVs at the end of the bowling lanes, a private bar, and a personal bartender to make drinks just for you and your guests! Who wouldn’t want to become a VIP with perks like this?

If you want more information on how to book traditional bowling lanes, VIP bowling lanes, or the sports simulator booths, please visit the Surge Entertainment website at www.surgefun.com or give the location nearest you a call today!

most exciting family entertainment center in the South!

The Surge Prime Bistreaux is reason enough to check out the most exciting family entertainment center in the South! You can experience all of the deliciousness for yourself at any of the Surge Entertainment by Drew Brees locations, specifically in Lafayette and West Monroe, which are both located Louisiana, and at future locations in both Bossier City, Louisiana (opening Spring 2022) and Mobile, Alabama (opening 2023).

Having peace of mind to know you can go to a family entertainment venue like Surge Entertainment and get quality food and drinks is just an added bonus when you consider all of the unique attractions available inside of each Surge Entertainment by Drew Brees. The Surge Prime Bistreaux might not be on your radar the first time you walk through the doors of a Surge Entertainment facility, but after you taste the handcrafted drinks and recipes for the first time, you will definitely be coming back for not only more family fun, but also high quality eats!

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