Metairie, LA
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Select Location Metairie, LA

Metairie , LA – Clue Carre Escape Room

Our Metarie escape room is an interactive mystery to solve. Your group is locked in a room, and must use teamwork, keen observation and critical thinking to gather clues, discover hidden objects and solve riddles in order to break free. It’s a live entertainment puzzle that is great for parties and team building.
THE BOOKIE ROOM - Little did you know, your delinquent friend had just conned you into playing cards with the city’s most notorious ring of gangsters. By the end of the night, you found yourself at a total loss on every hand dealt. But as fortune favors the bold, you decided to go all in. And this time, Lady Luck was on your side, or so you thought…
“See, in my world..” The Bookie reveals, “we play for cold, hard cash. It’s all business.” He mentions while funneling away your winnings. “Nothing personal, kid.” And with that? His goons throw you out. Leaving you stranded, and with no other choice: REVENGE!
Now, with the assistance of the troublemaker that got you into this mess, you’ve got to infiltrate the gamblers’ hideout, break into the vault, and take back your winnings.
The year is 2060. Earth has been invaded by an alien species known as the Voldran. The human race is nearing extinction. As part of an elite research crew aboard the starship Nuria, you have been tasked to travel to the outer reaches of space to locate the Voldran and uncover their weakness. But time is short, and resources are in limited supply. With just 45 minutes of oxygen remaining, you must navigate the inner depths of the Nuria and make your way to the control deck in order to make your escape. Earth has fallen, our leaders are dead, and you are civilizations last hope. They are coming… Minimum of 4 players is recommended. **Warning- Some strobe lighting at times**

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