Free Bowling For Kids

Free Bowling For Kids at Surge Entertainment

This summer, Surge Entertainment is rolling out an unbeatable offer that’s sure to strike excitement in families looking for fun without breaking the bank. From June through August, children can enjoy bowling absolutely free at all Surge Entertainment centers! 

Bowling in Baton Rouge, LA

Bowling in Bossier City, LA

Bowling in Lafayette, LA

Bowling in Mobile, AL

Bowling in West Monroe, LA

It’s the perfect opportunity to keep the kids active and entertained during the summer months. All you need to cover is the cost of shoe rental, and then the lanes are yours to enjoy. Whether it’s escaping the heat or just spending quality time with family and friends, bowling offers a fantastic mix of fun and light-hearted competition.

For teens and adults aged 15 and older, Surge hasn’t forgotten about you! While kids bowl for free, the older crowd can enjoy the lanes for just $5 per person, plus the cost of shoe rental. This minimal fee opens up the fun of bowling to everyone, making it an affordable outing for all age groups. It’s a great way to engage in a friendly game or simply cheer on the younger ones as they aim for those strikes and spares.

Surge Entertainment is committed to providing a family-friendly atmosphere where fun and safety go hand-in-hand. To ensure that everyone gets a chance to play, bowling is offered in 1-hour increments. This allows families to plan their visit efficiently and ensures that the fun is spread out evenly among all guests. However, it’s important to note that lane availability might vary, so checking ahead could be a smart move to avoid any disappointment.

So, lace up those bowling shoes and get ready for a summer filled with pin-crashing excitement at Surge Entertainment. It’s not just about the thrill of the game but also about creating those lasting memories with loved ones. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal—plan your family’s next outing and take advantage of the kids bowl free promotion. It’s a perfect way to combine fun and affordability, all while keeping the summer spirit alive and rolling!

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